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What our customers are saying…

  • Your product kept our son on the field after breaking his thumb the week before our first game a few seasons ago!

  • What a great product! My linebacker didn't miss out on the biggest game of the season!!!

  • Thank you for The CAST PROTECTOR. My son wore it during football season when he had his broken arm. There was no problem getting it approved by the referees. He was so happy to finish the season.

  • Thanks for letting me finish out the season. THE CAST PROTECTOR is awesome, and it allowed me to continue doing what I love.

  • I wanted to thank you for The CAST PROTECTOR that my daughter used while playing soccer with her broken arm. It worked so much better than the pads we were trying to make.

  • The CAST PROTECTOR has been time and cost saving to our sports program. Our athletes have been able to don/doff The CAST PROTECTOR independently, saving trainers time. In the past we used expensive foam padding that had to be customized to the athlete to protect other players for practices and games. The CAST PROTECTOR should be part of every athletic trainer's kit for college to youth sports.

    Sheri RPT and ATC
  • This cast cover was great because I was able to attend a 5-day soccer camp still with my cast, and it was really quick to take on and off.

  • This is amazing! I have never seen anything like the cast protector before! I broke my arm two weeks ago. I have been worrying about an upcoming hockey tournament at our local ice rink. My coach said I would not be able to play but now that I have the cast protector I can! It has changed my life and I will always be eternaly grateful!

  • THANK YOU for the Cast Protector. My 9 year old broke his arm playing soccer on a Sunday, I ordered the Cast Protector on a Tuesday and had it by Thursday. He hasn't missed a game and the all the refs have given him the OK to play. Well worth the price!

  • Thanks cast protector! Saved my son's season. The refs. passed it with flying colors.

  • We purchased the Cast Protector a few years ago and have passed it along to several friends. It has allowed children to continue playing the sports they love and teams to not have to do without valuable players. We recently added the thumb protector. I would highly recommend the product. Well worth the small investment required.

  • My son broke his wrist right before the start of football. We tried to do our own wrap but it was rejected by the refs. We ordered the cast protector, it was here within a couple days, and the next game the refs said they were very impressed with the protector. Great product, easy off & on. Would highly recommend.

  • The CAST PROTECTOR is the perfect product for soccer, and it was the perfect product for my 12 year old daughter. It did everything it was supposed to do and then some, and she was able to put it on by herself, unlike the old bubble wrap, before every game and practice. Thanks for a great product.

  • Great cast wrap! Just incrediblel!! Got checked in with no issues. Thankyou so much. 2nd place at Stanford Summer Classic. 8/20/15

  • Thanks. It arrived on time on Wednesday and it is so easy for her to use. She is back to playing like before.