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  • The Cast Protector is a premade device to pad over a sports cast. It consists of an inner pad of closed cell foam and an outer polyester and spandex (elastane) cover. It is fastened by 4 velcro straps and is intended for use over a short arm cast or splint in sports requiring padding to play.
  • It was designed by an orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of on-field experience in consultation with certified athletic trainers.
  • All sizes have half inch padding and meet current high school and college guidelines for playing with and cast or splint.
  • The small size also has a 1/2 inch pad and is intended for younger, smaller players at levels below high school. It can, however, be used by any age group.
  • The Cast Protector saves the cost of retaping every day.
  • Simplicity and ease of use define the idea while assuring adequate padding and compliance with rules of play.
  • The time of a Parent, coach or trainer is too valuable to waste making a new pad every day.
  • This pad can be applied by the player if necessary without worry.

Ideal for football and soccer or any sport allowing participation with a padded cast or splint


* The player must be cleared by his physician to play


** Measure the cast before ordering and compare with the sizes available.**

If you have a long arm cast that extends to your upper arm,  experience has shown that  a premade pad is difficult to fit and  poorly tolerated by the injured person.  Our pad does not cover a long arm cast.

The CAST PROTECTOR is patented in the USA. patent number: 8,043,240 B2


The Cast Protector: The only approved pre-made cast pad for sports.

It is quick, easy, durable, and meets guidelines to play at the High School and College levels.


If you, your child, your player or your friend has broken their arm and is now in a cast, there still may be a way to compete in sports. Once the pain subsides and the doctor feels it is safe, some sports allow individuals to pad the cast and play.


The CAST PROTECTOR satisfies a requirement specified by the National Federation of High School Associations and the NCAA in their football rules.


It protects the other players from the hard cast or splint of the wearer. This reasonable standard has been accepted by other sports as well but on an individual basis. So far referees in various sports all over the country have agreed and accepted it for play. Read the Letter ›


Why get them back to play?  


If you are reading this you probably already have your reason. Usually the athlete wants to return. Parents and coaches are no less invested in the game. Everyone enjoys the benefits of the sport and there is evidence that increased activity is also good for fracture healing.

  • SIZE SMALL: Length: 10 inches | Circumference: 12 3/8 inches | Foam Thickness: 1/2 inches
  • SIZE MEDIUM: Length: 11.5 inches | Circumference: 13.5 inches | Foam Thickness: 1/2 inches
  • SIZE LARGE: Length: 14 inches | Circumference: 15 inches | Foam Thickness: 1/2 inches


The 11.5-inch size (MEDIUM)  and the 14-inch size (LARGE) meet high school and college criteria for play (1/2 in. padding) and should fit most players with or without some modification.


The 10-inch size (SMALL) is intended for smaller youth players but can be used by anyone. It  also has a 1/2 inch pad.

It was developed in response to the many requests from parents of youth soccer or football players for a smaller size. As with the other sizes, the pad in this one can be cut down to fit nearly everyone and the cover folded if necessary.


The decision to play must be made carefully. The physician, parent, and player should all participate in the decision process, and understand the reasoning for the decision. REMEMBER: THE CAST PROTECTOR IS TO PROTECT THE OTHER PLAYERS. Everyone concerned ( athletes, parents, doctor, trainer, coach) must understand the benefits and risks involved in resuming play. Usually, a written release from the physician is required for the athlete to return to play. Please show THE CAST PROTECTOR to your physician.


So far THE CAST PROTECTOR has been used in every state and several foreign countries for football (all age groups), soccer, rugby, and hockey. It is also applicable for field hockey and lacrosse. Since it’s introduction, it has also been used for elementary school recesses where required, cheerleading, basketball, baseball and even waterpolo. It can be used to cover casts for broken wrists, hands, and fingers. This would include the distal radius, wrist (carpal bones) metacarpals and phalanges.


How long does it take to ship?

By far this is the most frequently asked question!

We generally ship the same day if we receive the order before 6 A.M. Pacific time Monday – Friday


All Holiday orders ship the next business day.


FEDEX EXPRESS SAVER – gets it to you on the third business day. FedEx does not count the day of shipping. So if you order on Monday it should arrive on Thursday.


FEDEX STANDARD OVERNIGHT -gets it there by the next business afternoon. Friday orders a will be delivered on Monday.


FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT- is next business morning( if that service is available to you). Friday orders will be delivered on Monday.


FedEx 2 Day -arrives on the second business afternoon. Thursday shipments will be delivered on Monday.


USPS (POST OFFICE ) PRIORITY- is 2-3 days ( not guaranteed). They do deliver on Saturday.



Is this device approved for use in high schools/NCAA?

The two larger sizes have been approved for use in high school football. They also meet NCAA criteria for play with a cast.

This letter of approval it can be viewed and copied for presentation at games.

This should help gain approval in other sports as well but that is not guaranteed.


THE CAST PROTECTOR satisfies the rules for playing sports with an arm cast or splint.

It is designed primarily to meet the current rules requirements to protect the other sports participants from the hard surface of the cast during competition in a potentially contact sport. It also, to a certain extent, cushions blows on the cast of the wearer.

Cast padding is generally required for sports if an arm cast is in place.

THE CAST PROTECTOR is a convenient reusable way to pad the cast and meet the padding requirement.

In what sports can I use this device?

THE CAST PROTECTOR is intended for use for football, soccer, hockey, field hockey or any other sports that allow participation with a padded arm cast.

Since introduction, it has been used in elementary schools at recess time as well as by cheerleaders, basketball players, baseball players and even for playing waterpolo ( with waterproof cover-see links)

It works with short arm casts for fractures of the distal forearm, wrist, hand or fingers. If the thumb is included in the cast the THUMB PROTECTOR can be added.

The THUMB PROTECTOR is not designed to be used alone.

How do I know which size to order?

Measure the cast from end to end. THE CAST PROTECTOR needs to cover the entire cast. Chose the size which will adequately cover the cast. It is best to measure the cast length and the largest circumference. Remember the pad can be removed from the cover for trimming to the exact size needed.


The smallest size is the 10-inch size designed to fit the smallest players. It is 10 inches long and 12 3/8 inches in circumference. The pad is 3/8 inch thick. (With the pad in the cover the device measures 5/8 inch thick.)

The 11.5-inch size fits preteens, women and smaller males. It is 11.5 inches long and 13.5 inches in circumference. The pad can be cut down for smaller children. Keep in mind that the 1/2 inch thickness is used so it will seem bulky on smaller children.

The large 14-inch size is based on a 6′ tall 220 lb. male and should fit most larger individuals. It was made with football linemen in mind. It is 14 inches long and 15 inches in circumference.

With the THUMB PROTECTOR, one size fits all.

Can my child or another child be injured while using this device?

Wearing THE CAST PROTECTOR does not guarantee that the wearer or another player will not be injured. It is an attempt to provide the best protection possible to all competitors in a reusable, easy to apply device.

There are inherent risks in any sporting activity. Please consider the risks before playing with the device.

Will THE CAST PROTECTOR automatically be accepted for game play?

Although the larger two sizes of THE CAST PROTECTOR provide padding that is accepted for high school competition, the official on the field has the ultimate decision to approve this device for use in each game. There is as of now no uniform guide to cast padding across the various levels of sports.

The larger two sizes of THE CAST PROTECTOR meet the national high school football guidelines as well as the NCAA guidelines. It should reasonably be accepted by most sports allowing play with a padded cast. I cannot state categorically that all referees will allow it, however.


The small10 inch size now has 3/8 inch padding. It was designed for the smaller children in response to requests for smaller pads. The pad provides good protection and is much less bulky than the bigger versions on the little players. With the cover, it does measure 5/8 in thick and thus could possibly be accepted at all levels.  Remember the pad is designed to protect other players.

Is it difficult to apply?

It is easy to apply, requiring only 4 velcro straps.

The inner pad is removable and adjustable for sizing.

If the THUMB PROTECTOR is needed, it is applied first and then THE CAST PROTECTOR is added over it, locking it in place.

With all devices, the inner padding can be removed, trimmed and replaced. The device fits either side.


The outer shell can be hand washed in a gentle detergent and air dried.

The inner pad can also be hand washed and air dried separately.

How does the THUMB PROTECTOR go on?

Apply the THUMB PROTECTOR first and fasten the straps to each other. Then place THE CAST PROTECTOR over it.

Stretching the cover or enlarging( cutting) the pad hole may be required.

The pads in the Thumb Protector can also be removed or cut smaller.

(skip to the 1-minute mark below)

Can the size be modified?

Yes. Simply remove the pad from the shell and trim it. Then reinsert. If necessary the cover can be folded and taped to fit. We have used sticky-backed velcro to hold the folds.

Padding of up to one inch can usually be added inside the cover due to its elasticity

Cohesive bandage known as Co-Flex wrap works well also and does not stick to the device.

It is available on our site or at pharmacies or sporting goods stores. In pet stores it is called Vet-wrap( same stuff)

Is this device available in stores?

No. As of now, no sporting goods store has been interested in carrying the device.

Please mention the Cast Protector to your local sporting goods store as I would love to sell it locally.

What if my cast is long and extends up on to my upper arm?

***Experience has shown that it is not practical to build a custom pad for a long arm cast without having the cast as a template.

We no longer custom make pads for long arm casts. 

Return / Refund Policy

Refunds or replacements will be given for product failure due to manufacturing defects if the product is returned to us within 30 days of purchase.

We will also refund the purchase price less tax and shipping if the device is returned unused ( in new condition) regardless of the reason for return.

When returning an item please include in the package :

  • The date of purchase
  • The name used on the order
  • The order number



CAYUCOS, CA. 93430

What our customers are saying…

  • Your product kept our son on the field after breaking his thumb the week before our first game a few seasons ago!

  • What a great product! My linebacker didn't miss out on the biggest game of the season!!!

  • Thank you for The CAST PROTECTOR. My son wore it during football season when he had his broken arm. There was no problem getting it approved by the referees. He was so happy to finish the season.

  • Thanks for letting me finish out the season. THE CAST PROTECTOR is awesome, and it allowed me to continue doing what I love.

  • I wanted to thank you for The CAST PROTECTOR that my daughter used while playing soccer with her broken arm. It worked so much better than the pads we were trying to make.

  • The CAST PROTECTOR has been time and cost saving to our sports program. Our athletes have been able to don/doff The CAST PROTECTOR independently, saving trainers time. In the past we used expensive foam padding that had to be customized to the athlete to protect other players for practices and games. The CAST PROTECTOR should be part of every athletic trainer's kit for college to youth sports.

    Sheri RPT and ATC
  • This cast cover was great because I was able to attend a 5-day soccer camp still with my cast, and it was really quick to take on and off.

  • This is amazing! I have never seen anything like the cast protector before! I broke my arm two weeks ago. I have been worrying about an upcoming hockey tournament at our local ice rink. My coach said I would not be able to play but now that I have the cast protector I can! It has changed my life and I will always be eternaly grateful!

  • THANK YOU for the Cast Protector. My 9 year old broke his arm playing soccer on a Sunday, I ordered the Cast Protector on a Tuesday and had it by Thursday. He hasn't missed a game and the all the refs have given him the OK to play. Well worth the price!

  • Thanks cast protector! Saved my son's season. The refs. passed it with flying colors.

  • We purchased the Cast Protector a few years ago and have passed it along to several friends. It has allowed children to continue playing the sports they love and teams to not have to do without valuable players. We recently added the thumb protector. I would highly recommend the product. Well worth the small investment required.

  • My son broke his wrist right before the start of football. We tried to do our own wrap but it was rejected by the refs. We ordered the cast protector, it was here within a couple days, and the next game the refs said they were very impressed with the protector. Great product, easy off & on. Would highly recommend.

  • The CAST PROTECTOR is the perfect product for soccer, and it was the perfect product for my 12 year old daughter. It did everything it was supposed to do and then some, and she was able to put it on by herself, unlike the old bubble wrap, before every game and practice. Thanks for a great product.

  • Great cast wrap! Just incrediblel!! Got checked in with no issues. Thankyou so much. 2nd place at Stanford Summer Classic. 8/20/15

  • Thanks. It arrived on time on Wednesday and it is so easy for her to use. She is back to playing like before.