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For young athletes, it can be devastating to experience an injury during sports season. Depending on severe the injury, there is not only pain, but athletes may have to spend some time on the sidelines. In worse situations, injuries can even bring a complete end to their season. Generally, after dealing with the initial pain of an injury — for instance, a broken bone — children and young athletes will want to quickly bounce back and resume their daily routines as normal. However, some injuries such as a broken bone may require a cast, which can make it difficult for them to go about their day-to-day lives and activities normally.

When participation in sports and active activities are not recommended with casts, it can be difficult for them to stay busy and entertained as their injury mends itself. But, wearing a cast does not necessarily mean all physical activity needs to be paused until recovery. In fact, staying active (within reason) can help children and young athletes stay fit and in shape. Of course, movies, TV and video games are great for the first few days of healing, but the healing process should not only consist of these activities. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some helpful and fun tips to help injured athletes stay active and busy.

Be Sure To Consult With Your Doctor

Before engaging in any physical activity, it is essential to talk with your doctor about specific instructions, guidelines, or limitations that need to be observed or followed and what activities are safe while wearing a cast. That last thing a cast wearer wants is to be involved in an activity that could worsen their injury, cause pain, or damage their cast. Generally, it is best to stay away from contact sports where there is a chance of collisions. Other activities that risk falling and reinjury, such as running, roller skating, or skateboarding should be avoided. Some activities your doctor may recommend are as follows:

Go Walking or Hiking

If the injury does not involve their feet, ankles, or legs and does not affect the ability to walk, going on a walk or taking a hike is a great activity that offers scenic views, fresh air, and good exercise. These types of activities are great after an injury causes a young athlete to be cooped up in their home without any exercise or activity. Talk a walk about the neighborhood, head to the park, or it the local hiking trail to get some fresh air and exercise.

Take A Dip In The Pool

Swimming is a great activity for those with casts on their arms, as long as the cast is waterproof. Swimming is a great exercise to help keep your body and muscles in shape. A kickboard can be used to provide extra assistance. If a cast is not waterproof, there are waterproof casts covers available that offer great protection while swimming.

Try Some Yoga Poses

Yoga is an activity that involves smooth movements and stretches without any jarring activity that could potentially cause the injury to worse or damage the cast. There is a seemingly endless amount of yoga poses that can be done that do not involve or put any pressure on the injured area. Yoga is a great way to relax, unwind, stretch, and strengthen muscles in other areas of their body.

Participate In Sports

Yes, you read that right. Many people are aware that it is unwise to participate in athletics while wearing a cast. While this may be true for leg, neck, and other severe injuries, the same does not necessarily apply for casts protecting the arms, wrists, hands, or fingers. In fact, young athletes with broken bones in these areas can still compete, as long as they have the proper protection. The Cast Protector offers a solution. With this cast cover and approval from a medical professional, young athletes may be able to still participate. Why? Well, the injury itself is not the real danger on the field or court, its the cast. The solid material of a cast can hurt other athletes participating in an event. The Cast Protector provides extra cast padding to protect other players, making the cast no longer a threat. Many school and college sports have already accepted the Cast Protector, allowing athletes with casts to compete.

Breaking a bone and getting a cast can be unfortunate for many young athletes. However, depending on the severity of the injury, it doesn’t have to be! Instead of having young athletes miss out on their season, get them back in the game with the Cast Protector. This revolutionary cast cover has already been used in several sports, including football, basketball, hockey, rugby, lacrosse, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, and so more! Visit the Cast Protector site to purchase your cast cover today!

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