Below you will find answers to some of the common questions that we get regarding THE CAST PROTECTOR.


The two larger sizes have been approved for use in high school football.

The letter of approval is noted in the upper right hand corner of the home page and can be printed out for presentation at games. This should allow approval in other sports as well but that is not guaranteed.

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Although THE CAST PROTECTOR protects the wearer, it is designed primarily to protect the other participants from the hard surface of the cast during competition in a potentially contact sport.

Cast padding is generally required for contact sports if an arm cast is in place.

THE CAST PROTECTOR is a convenient reusable way to pad the cast and meet the padding requirement.

THE CAST PROTECTOR is intended for use for football, soccer, hockey field hockey or any other sports that allow participation with a padded arm cast.

It works with short arm casts for fractures of the distal forearm, wrist, hand or fingers. If the thumb is included in the cast the THUMB PROTECTOR can be added. The THUMB PROTECTOR can not be used alone.

Since introduction it has been used in elementary school at recess time as well as by cheerleaders, basketball players and even for playing waterpolo ( with a waterproof cover-see links).

Measure the cast from end to end. THE CAST PROTECTOR needs to cover the entire cast. Chose the size which will adequately cover the cast . It is best to measure the cast length and circumference. Remember the pad can be removed from the cover for trimming to the exact size needed.

The smallest size is the 10 inch size designed to fit the smallest players. It is 12.785 inches in circumference. The pad is 3/8 inch thick.

The 11.5 inch size fits preteens, women and smaller males. The pad can be cut down for smaller children. Keep in mind that the 1/2 inch thickness is used so it will appear bulky on smaller children.

The large 14 inch  size is based on a 6' tall 220 lb. male and should fit most larger individuals. It was made with football linemen in mind.

With the THUMB PROTECTOR , one size fits all.

Wearing THE CAST PROTECTOR does not guarantee that the wearer or another player will not be injured. It is an attempt to provide the best protection possible to all competitors in a reusable, easy to apply device. There are inherent risks in any sporting activity. Please consider the risks before playing with the device.

Although the larger two  sizes of THE CAST PROTECTOR provide padding that is accepted for high school competition, the official on the field has the ultimate decision to approve this device for use in each game. There is as of now  no uniform guide to cast padding across the various levels of sports.

The larger two sizes of THE CAST PROTECTOR meet the national high school football guide lines as well as the NCAA guide lines. It should reasonably be accepted by most sports allowing play with a padded cast. I cannot state categorically that all referees will allow it, however.

The smaller 9 inch size now has 1/4 inch padding. It was designed for the smaller children in response to requests for smaller pads. The pad provides good protection and is much less clumsy than the bigger versions on the little players. Remember the pad is designed to protect other players.

It is easy to apply, requiring only 4 velcro straps. The inner pad is removable and adjustable for sizing.

If the THUMB PROTECTOR is needed, it is applied first and then THE CAST PROTECTOR is added over it, locking it in place.

With all devices the inner padding can be removed, trimmed and replaced. The device fits either side.

The outer shell can be hand washed in a gentle detergent and air dried. The inner pad can also be hand washed and air dried separately.

Apply the THUMB PROTECTOR first and fasten the straps to each other. Then place THE CAST PROTECTOR over it.

Yes . Simply remove the pad from the shell and trim it. Then reinsert. If necessary the cover can be folded and taped to fit. We have used glue-backed velcro to hold the folds. Coban wrap works well also and does not stick to the device. It is available at pharmacies or sporting goods stores.

 No. As of now no sporting goods store has been interested in carrying the device.